The Journey

Route for Awila Tribal Journey 2010

A'wila Tribal Canoe Journey 2010 is part of the Tribal Journey to Makah 2010. Every year since the 1980's canoes from all along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean of British Columbia (Canada) and Washington State (US) come together on a journey to celebrate their connection to the land and spiritual well-being. Our journey is live from July 7th as we gather in Vancouver (Canada) till we put our paddles down in Neah Bay (USA). We set out on the ocean in the mighty A'wila canoe to have fun! But, our team will also work on the question "what is climate change to you?" both as we reflect on it ourselves while being together as a group, and also as we explore what is is to members of other canoe teams and families!

  The entire route of the Tribal Journey to Makah 2010 is actually many different routes as canoes merge together from all different directions to gather at Neah Bay on July 19th. See the many different routes coming together - click here >>




What is the connection between ocean and climate?

The route of the A'wila Tribal Journey has our team paddling along the coast line of the Pacific Ocean.

Stretching from from Antarctica’s Ross Sea to the Bering Sea off Alaska, the The Pacific Ocean is the world's largest body of water. A massive ocean, its area is 165 million square kilometers -- all the continental land masses of the planet could be places in the Pacific Ocean and there would still be room left over! Canada’s Pacific coast, which stretches for 29,489 kilometers, makes up 11% of Canada’s total coastline.

Explore the Ocean at PolarHusky.com >>


Watch Acid Test  about oceans and acidification

Explore the serious issue of acidification of our oceans -- and watch the Acid Test movie with NRDC >>

The World Ocean is changing. It’s less salty than it used to be. And it’s more acidic than ever before.

That’s a problem, because the ocean is vital to life on earth as we know it! Oceans cover more than 70 percent of the earth. Warmed by the sun, surface water in the ocean or on land turns into water vapor and floats into the atmosphere where it cools down and turns into water again. This atmospheric water falls back to earth as rain or snow. Some is stored in glaciers or deep underground in the aquifer. The rest of it runs off to lakes and rivers—to start the cycle all over again. This cycle has a big impact on climate.

A perfect balance in the mixing of the ocean’s saltwater and the land’s freshwater and how this is transported around the earth makes for even temperatures so perfectly suited for life here on earth!

Explore the connection between climate change and the ocean >>

Lessons to adapt from the GoNorth! Curriculum & Activity Guide

GoNorth!   Curriculum  and Activity Guide 

  Module 4 - Ocean: Climate
  View the module in online book >>

Learning concepts:

Earth is a system of mutually dependent parts

The ocean is a crucial part in regulating the climate and is in turn influenced by climate change

Human activities can change the balance of ecosystems

Change to one ecosystem affect other ecosystems

time line for A'wila Tribal Journey 2010

As always things tend to change 'on the trail' but this is the planned list of events and canoe landings!

July 2010
  Everyone arrived!

Welcome to Vancouver in Museum of Anthropology at University of British Columbia

'Pulling Together' in Tsawassen - first canoes arrive

Pow Wow at the Friendship Center

Pick-up A'wila and first day of group canoe practice
08   Last-shopping for the journey ahead!

Canoe practice
09   Artstarts visit

Canoe practice

Pow Wow
10   Packing up, getting ready...
11   Departure!
12   W'aila set in water in Suquamish - our team join the Tribal Journey to Makah 2010
13   Port Gamble S'kialiam
14   Port Townsend
15   Elwha
16   Jamestown
17   Pillar Point
18   Clallam Bay
19   Arrival of canoes in Makah - Neah Bay!
20   Tent procedure and celebration
21   Tent procedure and celebration
22   Tent procedure and celebration
23   Tent procedure and celebration
24   Tent procedure and celebration
25   The end! Return home!