What Is Climate Change to You?

Does the answer to the question "what is climate change to you? " depend on where we live in the world... how we are brought up... what music we listen to... what our favorite food is?

Join youth from the circumpolar Arctic and scientists from around the world to explore it -- Share your thoughts and opinions!


    WCCY at Field Museum of Chicago :
    Featuring personal stories and observations on climate change along with photography by youth from the circumpolar Arctic, in October we launch the Many Strong Voices exhibit at this prestigious venue in North America.
    US School Plains & Maritime Expeditions Fall of 2010 :
    Sign up today! Late fall, expedition leader Mille Porsild sets out Polar Huskies and sleds in tow driving the dog truck to the lower mid-west and northeastern United States to get schools involved with WCCY and doing science!

      WHAT IS "WCCY" ?

Around the world young people are pairing up with scientists to explore this question in their region and to themselves, collecting valuable data in collaboration with the the team of international scientists, their local communities and each other.

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      Hopenhagen COP15

Mille Porsild travels with delegation of 20 teachers and students from Alaska (US), Nunavut (Canada), Greenland and Sapmi (Norway) to the 15th United Nations Climate Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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      National Park Service Beringia WCCY

(1/2010) US National Park Service award us grant to establish a local on-going WCCY program in Chukotka (Russia) to bridge experiences in nature, traditional knowledge and students doing science across the Bering Strait!

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      Greenland Kalaallit Nunaat

During the GoNorth! Greenland 2010 adventure learning expedition this spring, team member Christine Germano worked with youth in five Greenlandic communities...

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LiveA'wila Tribal Journey ( July 7th - 25th )

Take part in an amazing First Nation tribal journey onboard the A'wila July 7th - 25th along the shores of British Columbia and Washington State on the west coast of Canada and the United States!

Come along on the Awila Trribal Journey 2010

Youth from WCCY communities in Greenland, Alaska (USA), Nunavut (Canada) join First Nation youth and GoNorth! team member Christine Germano from Constant Art Society as part of the A'wila Tribal Journey 2010 team paddling the mighty A'wila canoe.

Don't miss the daily updates: sights, sounds and diary out-takes from team as they explore the rich traditions of the First Nations land they are traveling through, what they all have in common, their differences, and their thoughts on what climate change is to them - and you! Join the adventure and the conversation right now, right here >>

Explore with Awila Tribal Journey 2010   Every day a new photo album; listen to audio, watch movies, read journal thoughts from the team members - It's all in Daily Updates >>

  We will paddle on the Pacific ocean through the land of many First Nations peoples. Check out our route and events along the way >>

  Make connections - Lesson ideas included! ...
On every page but Daily Updates, you can find ideas to explore more in depth and lesson plans to be modified to any location and age group.
You can comment on the journey every day on Daily Updates page >>

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