Module 2


Geology: People

We are shaped by our environment—and we shape our environment. Our clothing, languages, and customs are all linked to our sense of place. But as we live in a place we change it, and these changes, in turn, influence our culture. This slow flux has taken place throughout human civilization, but since the Industrial Revolution change has accelerated. Today, earth’s climate is changing rapidly, in turn changing places and forcing cultures to adjust expeditiously—as is seen in Beringia. Here, age-old traditions of the hunt have shaped the unique cultures of the peoples. But climate change has radically altered the landscape, leaving them racing to catch up to the change.

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Module Question: How are people and cultures shaped by their environments?

Guiding question of “general knowledge” section:
How do places evolve?

Guiding question of “Native knowledge” section:
How does an environment affect its people and culture?

Guiding question of the case study section:
How do humans adapt to a changing environment-and at what cost?

Chat topic: The Human Connection

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