Module 1 


Explore: The Arctic

The human history of science and exploration is underpinned by the skill of observation, not least that compiled in the traditional knowledge of Native peoples—the world's first explorers, who adapted to survive on every corner of the planet. An ocean people, Inuit migrating from Russia in far eastern Asia were the first people to settle in Alaska (indeed, the first in North America) some 11,000 years ago. Knowledge that has been passed from generation to generation is at the heart of the lifestyle and identity of the Native Beringia, and is of tremendous value to our collective knowledge—not least today in our study of climate change and sustainable development.

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Module Question: Why Explore?

Guiding question of “general knowledge” section:
What is the importance of observation?

Guiding question of “Native knowledge” section:
What are the traditions, tools and techniques of the Native Arctic peoples and how are they relevant outside the Arctic?

Guiding question of the case study section:
What can we learn along with Team GoNorth!—from each other, the land, and the Native people of Beringia?

Chat topic: Arctic exploration.

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