Tasha Erding

(USA) - Team Member, Student Explorer

Tasha Erding

Tasha is a freshman at Centennial High School in Lino Lakes, Minnesota. We will let this years Student Explorer speak to herself!

From Tasha - a bit about herself and her thoughts on the journey ahead:

My favorite sports are soccer and track. This past fall, I played on the 10th grade soccer team and we won almost all of our games! In the winter, I participate in indoor track at a local sports center and this spring, I will run track for the first time at a competitive level.

I live with my mom, Michele, my dad, Jon, my brother, Tyler and my dog, Riley. Family is extremely important to me! We love to take vacations together and spend countless weekends at my grandma's cabin in Crane Lake, Minnesota. (That's where the wakeboarding picture is from). At the cabin, I absolutely love to tube, slalom ski, wakeboard and jump cliffs.

My friends are also an important part of my life. We like to play soccer together, go out to dinner, go to movies, shop and just hang out.

My favorite TV show is The Mentalist and my favorite food is ice cream!

I also work hard in school, I received straight A's through my entire middle school career; I am hoping to continue my streak.

I never thought I would get to Chile in my lifetime, and I am excited beyond belief to be going in only one day! I cannot wait to get out of cold, dreary Minnesota and experience the new culture and environment of Chile.
I am very thankful to go on this trip! It all started with my AP Human Geography teacher, Mr. Ripken. Mr. Ripken has been involved with Go North before, and he had the amazing opportunity to bring one student, out of the two AP classes, to go on a sailing expedition to Chile. No one, in both classes, could believe the spectacular opportunity that was right in front of us! By the time application time came around, my parents and I had agreed I could send an application in and see what happens. After numerous days of waiting for the chosen student, we finally found out on Tuesday, February 15th. Once we passed a few minor setbacks, we were finally able to finalize our trip! I would like to send an extra thank you to the sponsors of this trip.  I have been busy packing and preparing and I am counting down the minutes until we leave.

Let the adventure begin! :)
~ Tasha

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