Joar Leifseth Ulsom

(Norway) - Team Member


Joar Ulsom

Joar's nicknames are many: Fire Starter, Snowman and Captain Dog--His preference is when the land is covered in snow, he is a dog's man and one who is most at home outside surrounded by nature and wilderness...preferably sitting by a campfire.

Five years ago Joar decided that he wanted to own sled dogs, dogsled, go camping, hunting and fishing - and so he did. Joar bought four freight dogs and off he went. Once camping in his Lavu tent in the Norwegian Mountains a man came by out training his team of racing dogs - he was in a bit of trouble and asked Joar for help. Joar helped out and before he knew of it, the guy asked if he would run and train his team for a upcoming long-distance race; Joar went for it and loved it! He has since worked with esteemed Norwegian dog musher Ketil Reitan and today Joar himself owns a kennel of racing dogs.

While Joar has been heading up the training of the Polar Huskies in Minnesota, USA this season--his dogs ran the World Championship, finishing in tough conditions and placing 33rd, with the Russian representative, Nikolai Ettyne, from Chukotka. 

Joar has participated in Femundslopet, Finnmaklopet, the Amundsen Race and is a winner of the Scandinavian classic "Drevsjøløpet." Racing in long endurance races, he is accustomed to train sled dogs to build strength and endurance.

Joar's favorite part in working with sled dogs is getting to know each of their different personalities, their strengths and quirks. It is often a challenge to get them to work together, but he enjoys every second of it -- a necessary in building up powerful and capable personalities within a dog team.

When Joar is not training the dogs you can usually find him on farms working with cows and sheep, or out on the land.

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