Education Basecamp

Tiffany Simonsen


Tiffany Simonsen is the Basecamp Manager for Team GoNorth!

It takes a village to help Team GoNorth! cross the Arctic and at the heart of that village is the Basecamp. Leading up to an expedition, Basecamp is the hub for all logistics, food, gear, and technology. When the expedition is underway, Basecamp turns into something much like NASA Mission Control. Support for anything and everything that comes up on the trail and the guiding light that brings the team home safe and sound.

Just as the Polar Husky pack needs a lead dog to run at peak efficiency, Basecamp needs a person to coordinate the action and that is where Tiffany comes into play as the Basecamp manager.  Tiffany loves to organize and there is no shortage on the need for that! From content on the Web site to caring for retired Polar Huskies there is a stream of work that keeps Tiffany's tail wagging all day long.

During the very brief and slower summer months Tiffany enjoys what she calls 'survival of the fittest' gardening, as well as knitting and reading, often outside in the shade with a retired Polar Husky by her side.

Expedition Basecamp

James Chick

James Chick

James heads up the shop and logistics with GoNorth! which is a cumbersome and detailed oriented task when preparing for long Arctic expeditions.

An architect by trade, James' focus at Basecamp is to work on everything flowing and operating perfectly right at Expedition Basecamp... Yes, it is as all-entailing as it sounds...

Getting us ready for the snow to fly involved a lot of demolition and construction, building space for storage, walls and additional rooms to set up for smooth operations.

Now that we are buried in snow alright, James has started the preparation and repair of equipment, woodworking, and coordination of the exploration equipment and supplies -- This include a complete over-haul of the Komatek sleds to go on the expedition, building new equipment boxes, and.. yes, James keeps more than busy!