Explore the expedition route and communities in Beringia!

Zoom out on the map below to see where-in-the-world Beringia is -- and zoom in to see the route in detail.
Click on the 'little houses' on the map to explore each community on the route. You can also 'visit' the communities along the expedition route using the left-side navigation to learn more.

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  Communities on the route
  Planned Expedition Route

Fly the route!

Click on the GoogleEarth movies below to see the expedition route by flying above the coastline!
01) Nome to Teller   08) Kivalina to Point Hope
02) Teller to Wales   09) Point Hope to Point Lay
03) Wales to Shishmaref   10) Point Lay to Wainwright
       (via Little Diomede Isl)   11) Wainwright to Barrow
04) Shishmaref to Selawik   coming soon
05) Selawik to Noorvik   12) Barrow to Nuiqsut
06) Noorvik to Kotzebue   13) Nuiqsut to Prudhoe Bay
07) Kotzebue to Kivalina   14) Prudhoe Bay to Kaktovik