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Ilakulik and her Polar Husky Puppies
One day old Polar Husky puppies with mom Ilakulik!

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Polar Husky Puppies
The cute puppies are growing into little Polar Huskies and soon one of them will venture on a journey from Baffin Island in Nunavut (Canada) to our kennel at Expedition Basecamp in Minnesota - to join the Polar Huskies gang.

Help us name the new guy!
(Yes, it will be a boy)

To submit a name scroll down to t
he bottom of this page.

Read the rules for Polar Husky naming - then submit name(s) you think are fitting for the new Polar Husky Superstar.

We have closed for submissions - Name will be announced in the Trail Report on February 28th >>
Watch what makes a Polar Husky sled dog
This movie is from the last litter of Polar Huskies back in 2008.. Its a favorite here at Basecamp!

Watch it for a preview (and guess who is who!) while we wait to see the new comer grow up to be a mighty one this winter and spring!

September 22nd 2010 seven beautiful and very healthy Polar Husky puppies came into the world in Clyde River on Baffin Island in Nunavut, Canada!

The proud mom and dad of the six males (boys) and a female (girl), are the amazing Ilakulik and our own Polar Husky veteran Hershey!

The GoNorth! Nunavut 2009 adventure learning expedition came to an end with the Polar Huskies pulling into the small community of Clyde River in the end of May 2009. GoNorth! Scientist Shari Gearheard and her husband Jake opened their home to Team GoNorth! in every way.  After three wonderful weeks it was time for Mikkel Ketil, Mille Porsild and the Polar Huskies to return home to the United States – but it was decided that Polar Husky Hershey would stay behind to enjoy retirement with Shari and Jake, and hopefully father a litter of puppies with Ilakulik!

..Polar Husky Hershey as a puppy in 1999  
Hershey as a puppy oh so long ago back in 1999.

Read Hershey's bio >>

Ilakulik is actually from Igloolik – the same place that Hershey’s great-grandfather, the famous Rex,* came from! Ilakulik came to Shari and Jake as a youngster, but she had already finished one of the toughest most prestigious dogsled races in the North-American Arctic: The Nunavut Quest. This is a dogsled race for the traditional Canadian freight dog, that is run in traditional Inuit style: the mushers travels on a small Qamutiik sled with the Inuit dogs pulling in traditional fan style across ice and land! A very keen, alert and fast puller Ilakulik was part of the team that placed 2nd in Nunavut Quest 2009, and now at 4 years old she finished Nunavut Quest 2010, this year in Jake and Shari’s team, taking 7th place.

While Hershey was named for his ‘chokolate color’ (Hershey is an American chocolate brand name), Ilakulik means ‘one who is mission something.’ Shari explains “She was missing a toe when we got her, and now she has actually also lost part of her ear!” – so, it’s a fitting name! But never-the-less Ilakulik loves to run and is a fantastic and spirited sled dog. Shari goes on “Ilakulik is one of those special dogs that never stops running, even when we are going as slow as can be. She is our 2nd lead dog and the motivator in our team. We now know she is also a very good mom! Though, as Hershey has just returned to Expedition Basecamp in Minnesota (USA), we think she is missing her boyfriend Hershey right now!”

* Rex pulled sleds first to the North Pole (1986) and then to the South Pole (1989/90) which made him one of two dogs to be the first ever to accomplish that feet!

Help Us Name the Next Polar Husky Superstar!!!

Sometime before we take off on the GoNorth! Beringia 2011 adventure learning expedition, one of these puppies will journey from Baffin Island to the Polar Husky kennel in Minnesota to join the rest of our gang - and by then we will need to give him a name...

Yes, it will be a boy coming our way. And yes, we would like your suggestions to pick a perfect name from! We plan to close for submissions on January 16th.

A few words on naming a Polar Husky puppy...

Before you get your mind set on a name - try to yell it out loud! (please do not bother other people in this practice :-)). Remember Mille and the other members of Team GoNorth! will be calling out this name in all sorts of weather, including 40 mile an hour windstorms. Sometimes it's to encourage our new crew member and sometimes it's to let him know he needs to learn from the moment. So, you need to be able to call the name out loud and sound both very kind and encouraging as well as firm.

A couple of other things to keep in mind:

Polar Huskies are never named after 'people, friends and family.'

Polar Huskies are never given the same name as Polar Huskies that have passed away.

Make sure that the name does not 'sound like' the name of other Polar Huskies in the kennel.

Most Polar Husky names have two syllables. If three syllables or more, make sure that a nice 'nickname' can come when the word is cut short to two syllables (!). An example of a name with two syllables is Tuc-ker. His brother is named Do-mi-no. That is three syllables. Domino's nickname is 'Domi,' and Good Thunder's nickname is 'Goodie.'

That's it! We can't wait to see your ideas!



The name will be announced in the GoNorth! Beringia 2011 trail report for week 2