Position: Lead Point Team
Age: 9 image of position of dog in team: Lead Point Team

Tucker is a tremendous explorer. At three months, he went off on a journey with the rest of his siblings - except he was gone for six days! We were very worried and scared that something had happened to him. Luckily, he was found by some really nice people and brought home again. With his urge to explore and forceful nature, Tucker runs in the lead, point, team and wheel positions. He has speed and tremendous brute strength and technique. When we are really stuck we bring him, bro Domino and sis Rubi, down into wheel to get things shaking and moving. They all ooze energy. That is Tucker in a nutshell. He is simply so driven and dynamic that his energy drives the team forward. He is completely fearless, he does not care how hard it is - This guy just loves life! Tucker is really shy with new people, and even when you get to know him he seems pretty goofy and just, well, crazy. But, make no mistake, Tucker is very bright.

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