Position: Point Team Wheel
Age: 6 image of position of dog in team: Point Team Wheel

Trigger, like his sister Lightning, is highly intelligent and very gifted... He is a super athletic, fast and strong puller... Now, if he would just put it all to work!

He is indeed eager to please, he is loving, actually Trigger is exceptionally affectionate--But, he also easily becomes jealous, distracted, bored and even moody.  He often gets into quarrels with other dogs, and likes a bit of drama to be happening.Trigger can be a bit lazy even! Yes, Trigger is full of tricks, but once he applies himself, he is tremendous and we have little doubt that he one day will put it all together to simply shine!

Did you know that Trigger tweets! Thanks to help from Techie Tucker and Sustainable Sable, Trigger shares tips for a little things we can do to reduce CO2 and other pollutants, as well as other ideas for "green living."

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