Position: Point Team
Age: 3 image of position of dog in team: Point Team

As a puppy Sisu was all bouncy-busy, but the moment she would be picked up she would be completely still, almost limp. She would intensely stare at you with all the love in the world while now and again just moving to lick your nose if possible. Back on the ground, she would be busy-bouncy, not least jumping to get picked up up again!

That is very descriptive of Sisu. One moment she will sit very stoically and observe to then next explode in energy. Very vocal and easy to excite, Sisu learning to be a lead dog. She is a hard worker and super athletic, very smart, sensitive, listens well, wants to please, and tough as nails.

Sisu is a Finnish word - the language of the people of Finland where we traveled during GoNorth! Fennoscandia 2008. It means 'strength,' 'determination,' 'will' or 'perseverance,' all qualities we think Sisu have in plenty!

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