Position: Retired Team Wheel
Age: 11 image of position of dog in team: Team Wheel

Sable has a tremendous heart, her work ethic when out on the expeditions is stellar without end, and nothing rattles this ever-happy Superstar. She is a true veteran Polar Husky warrior who has run on expedition in every Arctic nation with more than 10,000 expedition miles under her paws. Sable is un-faced by hardship, has a spirit that inspires, and her pulling technique is simply phenomenal. She can be super lazy in training, but when it matters, she digs deep.  A super tough lady who is always right, and always expects everyone to give it there all, Sable has always been one to stand her ground. Named for her beautiful brown coat with silver lining (like taht of a sable) Sable has a bit of a funny tail and she is likely not one to win the beauty contest; but she is simply more than sweet with people, very considerate and loving.

Did you know... Sable is the greenest dog in the dog yard!
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