Position: Point Team Wheel
Age: 9 image of position of dog in team: Point Team Wheel

The word ruby is derived from the Latin word "rubens," meaning "red." For eons ruby has been considered one of the most valuable gemstones on Earth; described as having "wonderful color, excellent hardness and overwhelming brilliance." Sounds like our Rubi! Rubi is the alpha female and has an incredible strong personality. She is a hard-core worker with an astonishing strength and a will.Her technique is that of brute force and forceful determination. She really does not care what it takes to get the job done, she will, and she will make sure everyone else around her puts everything they have into it as well. Rubi is a funny mixture of calmness and craziness. She can be very patient; she is fast to lay down and relax when the sled stops. But come time to go, she throws herself into the air hammering her weight into the harness full strength, often letting out a howl of excitement. She is a hunterby heart and likes to flyyyyyyyy fast! As tough as Rubi is, she is a sweetheart with people.

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