Position: Point Team Wheel
Age: 3 image of position of dog in team: Point Team Wheel
As a puppy he was clumpsy and heavy-boned - today Pingo is one of the most athletic dogs in the kennel; and one to never stop moving. Well, that's unless he is hiding in his house because there are 'strangers' visiting the kennel! Pingo is very shy of new people; but he is an extremely happy, playful bundle of energy that wants to go, go, go! He is very loyal and a hard worker not easily distracted. Pingo is not a big guy, but don't be fooled: he is powerful! That mixed with how athletic he is, means he can be hard to maneuver. Frankly, Pingo is a bit of a handful :)

Pingo means hill in Inuktituk the language of the Inuit people. A pingo is a mound of earth-covered ice found in the Arctic and Antarctica that can reach up to 200 feet (70 m) in height and more than a mile  (some 2 km) in diameter. The first pingos were described in science by the Danish botanist Erling Porsild in 1938-- a great dog musher traveling all over the Arctic he is Mille's great granduncle!
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