Position: Lead Point
Age: 12 image of position of dog in team: Lead Point
Nazca is the great-grand mother and old lady of the Kennel. The oldest Polar Husky in the kennel she is still one of the most incredible athletes around.

Built like a race horse, and exceptionally fast moving, Nazca simply runs like a gazelle holding up the top-notch as the fastest dog in the kennel for years. She is brilliantly intelligent, a hard worker and exceptionally loyal, but Nazca has never been one to love the pressure that comes with being a lead dog. Her nature is more that of a point dog: firm and stern in getting the job done, fast as can be and spot-on with her commands. Nazca will do whatever it takes to get the job done if asked and she is one of our most reliant lead dogs in any given situation.

Nazca is also a trickster. A runner at heart, she's an escape artist who can give any magician a run for their money. Nazca can not be kept in one spot unless she agrees to it!
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