Position: Team
Age: 3 image of position of dog in team: Team

Luna is a dreamy kind of girl who follows her own path... Really, Luna is all out, crazy happy, fun-loving, impossible to predict and easily bored.  Hard at work, she might suddenly drop herself to the ground tail wagging and all (while the rest of the team is running that is), to then spring back on all four paws with a playful howl!

hyper-spirited in nature, she is also a vocal and tough little cookie with strong opinions. Only days old, she would growl with dare, if we dared to moved her around when she would rather not be bothered!

The name Luna was actually a submission in the contest to name Luna's sister KARE 11 Sunrise, but we thought it was such a pretty name and that it fit her perfect. Luna is the Latin name of the Earth's Moon as well as the Roman moon goddess Luna; a personality of many moods...

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