Position: Lead Point Team
Age: 6 image of position of dog in team: Lead Point Team

Lightning is lightning fast and bright as a flashing light stroke! Since a tiny puppy (she was the only girl amongst her litter mates of all boys) Lightning has been the "brains" of the operation." Today Lightning is a terrific lead dog.

Super sweet, affectionate and gentle in nature, Lightning looks to please and do right. She is curious and very observant of the surroundings, always on the hunt. She is not that confident though so it is important to give her lots of encouragement and support as she leads out the teams.

Actually, running Lightning is a bit like driving a car; she is that good - excellent at taking commands, and thus easy to steer, trails or no trails. Lightning has a very close relationship with her mother Rubi, but otherwise she is a bit of a loner in the kennel, just like she is shy with new people even as she loves to both give and take lots of loving.

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