Position: Point
Age: 6 image of position of dog in team: Point

It's not only that his one ear is flapped over - all around, Kodiak is a very unique Polar Husky. He loves to eat laying down on his side... During breaks he is most often seen with legs in the air... and though he is not one to take flake from anyone, Kodiak gets along with everybody. He is simply one of the most easy-going personalities you can imagine--Not to be mistaken with not being driven. Kodiak is tough-as-nails, completely un-faced by even great stress and the harshest conditions. A tremendously hard worker, he just does his thing with a playful mind and a relaxed-as-can-be attitude.

As a youngster Kodiak injured his hind-knee and to this day he has a slight limb. His ways of overcoming, being a solid-as-rock point dog, his never failing determination and high spirit is downright inspirational to the rest of us. Kodiak just loves to be one goofy mad-pulling machine!

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