Position: Point Team
Age: 3 image of position of dog in team: Point Team
Kinupok means 'lots of little kisses' in the Inupiat language of the Arctic Inuit people in Alaska, USA. Kinu is exceptionally shy with new people, but no name could be more fitting to this little lover. As a puppy she knew nothing better than to crawl up on your lab just to shower you with kisses (see the first image in her photo album!). Today Kinu, as she is nick named, is a little busy to give much more than a single kiss on the fly!

Watching Kino in action does make one think of flying - athletic, fast, and... like sand running through your fingers! Kinu can crawl through any hole and out again, she is an escape artist, and quite the trouble maker, especially in tandem with her brother Pingo! Now, Kinu is really a sweet-heart. She gets along with everyone, she loves to pull hard and while she is not aggressive about it like her sister Sisu, Kinu is learning the ropes of running in the front of the team.

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