Position: Retired Team Wheel
Age: 11 image of position of dog in team: Team Wheel

A true veteran, Hershey is maybe best explained as being a mighty Polar Huskies warrior. Athletic and fast, yet all power, Hershey is simply tough as nails.

With more than 10,000 miles of Arctic long-haul expeditions under his paws, few sled dogs have the ability to dig in and dig deep to get the job done as Hershey have done his entire career. While Hershey has never had any sort of patience with other Polar Huskies he has always pulled with a smile on his face... And, he is a real people lover, known to jump up and hold you in a tight grip around your waste for some sweet one-on-one-time.

In his retirement Hershey lived for a long while with GoNorth! Cool scientist Shari Gearheard, her family and kennel of sled dogs up in Clyde River in Nunavut; where he fathered puppies before he returned back home to us.

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