Position: Team Wheel
Age: 9 image of position of dog in team: Team Wheel

When a puppy, Domino loved to sit in your arms and give lots of kisses. Today, Domino is a massive power-house. He is still easy-going, loves to play and is very affectionate and gentle, but he is also a stern force to be reckoned.

Domino has a tremendously strong head, and no fear. He has the respect and strength to be the alpha-male in the Kennel, but has never shown much interest in being in that position. Domino really just wants to pull, play and run.

And wow, this Polar Husky runs, fast! He is a larger carbon copy of his mother, Nazca. Built long and lean, Domino is exceptionally athletic. He can be hard on his running-mates and often runs with with his best friend, brother Tucker.

He is named by our sponsor, IBM Lotus after their Domino software that we use!

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