Position: Lead Point Team
Age: 11 image of position of dog in team: Lead Point Team

Disko is named after the island in Greenland where Mille's Great Grandfather founded the world's first Arctic research station.

He is a hunter by heart and one who loves to explore. Strong, confident, bright, very very affectionate, always roaring to go and easy to smile, Disko is a terrific lead dog.

With his easy-going nature, Disko can be a bit lazy when training around Expedition Basecamp, but once in the field, Disko is on! And, the harder it is, the better.He is particularly great at running into wide-open spaces without a trail of any sort. Strangely Disko simply loves "commands." He is an excellent "gee-cha-leader" as we say - If he can be on the chase, following order on every little move, he is as happy as can be. Disko has amazingly lead expedition in all Arctic nations - and fathered puppies in Alaska, Canada and Russia!

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