Position: Point Team Wheel
Age: 3 image of position of dog in team: Point Team Wheel

Chukchi is about as cool as they get. He is incredibly athletic, looooves to run, and a bit aloof. He really likes attention, but he prefers to get it when he is good and ready for it - and only just a pat or for about as long as it fits him. But it is all done with such sweetness, and a dash of being shy that Chukchi simply melts your heart.

He is not that big of a guy, but don't let that fool you... Chukchi is head-strong! He is very powerful both mentally and physically, but at the same time he has a terrific ability to get along with everyone and not get himself into trouble.

That paired with being easily excited, playful, attentive and bright, we think Chukchi is a future as a lead dog!

Chukchi is named after a Native people in Chukotka where we traveled during the 2007 adventure learning expedition.

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