Meet the Polar Husky Superstars!

The kennel of powerful Polar Huskies are true superstars of and the GoNorth! adventure learning series.

The kennel varying in size from 20 to 30 dogs, Polar Huskies are working dogs. A mixture of all the northern breeds, this kennel and their famous ancestors have traveled on Arctic and Antarctic expeditions for the past 45 years - indeed specialized forces! Learn more in Polar Husky World >>

Polar Huskies roaming through classrooms fuels curiosity and motivate learning. Whether in the classroom, in remote Arctic communities, in TV studios, on Capitol Hill meeting with Senators or on the trail - huge ones, little ones, steady, broad and lean, keen, crazed, wild, mellow, red, black, grey and white - the Polar Huskies make it happen.

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Polar Husky Kennel

The kennel is located at Expedition Basecamp just outside the Twin Cities in Minnesota.

We do not expect the luxury of training in great snow conditions... But, this year snow came early - and lots of it!

The Polar Huskies are training pulling weighed 4-wheelers across the snowy fields around the kennel; and we head to Northern Minnesota to run with loaded sleds as well!