Freja \Fi\nologies

   It’s a bird.  It’s a bee.  It’s Phenology!
               - Freja
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"Check back Monday through Friday! I will post every morning by 8AM CST and tell you about my observations from the previous day!"

During weeks 1-12, retired Polar Husky Freja will post her daily "phenology observations" -that is, observations she is making about what is going on outside her retirement home near the Education Basecamp!

So, really, the word for doing observations like this is "phenologies," and it simply means to make daily observations over time of events in our local environment - from this we can learn about our local ecosystem and about climate patterns and how it affects all living things in an area!

09   We woke up to a fantastic thunderstorm this morning. Big cracks and flashes of light. I enjoyed being able to watch it from inside my house. :) Once it stopped raining we had grey clouds for hours. During that time the birds had a feast in my yard. There were more birds than I could count jumping around and pulling up worms. Some even took a bath even though they were already wet!
10   88 today. 88! The last time we saw 88 was in August! The atmosphere became quite unstable today and this evening we had storms with severe weather advisories.
11   I saw a baby bunny. Mom and Dad were nowhere to be found, but I'm thinking they were in the direction bunny ran when I entered the yard. While I've seen lots of rabbits since the snow melted, this is the first bunny.
12   Everything seems to have gotten a little boost from the hot day on Tuesday and all the rain this week. I noticed this morning that I am having trouble seeing my neighbor's yard because the shrubs are getting so full. The lilacs in our hood got the biggest boost and look to be a day or two away from blooming. I'm so excited for it because I love the scent!
13   Today is my final day of Phenology Observations. To make the occasion we went on an extra-long walk and visited a park I have never been to before. I am so happy we did! We sat next to a woman at the park who is an avid bird watcher. Not only did I see birds I haven't seen before, but she was able to identify them for me!!

She told me mid-May is prime time for birdwatching in Minneapolis. We saw the following species of warblers: Black Poll (you might mistake them for chickadees, if it wasn't for their bright yellow legs) Blackburnian, Tennessee, Nashville, Cape May, American Redstart, Magnolia and Yellow-rumped.  I am sure I missed many, because time was limited and I had to memorize the names. A neighbor told me on our way home that the nighthawks and chimney swifts are back as are the Rose-breasted grosbeaks and Baltimore orioles.

I hope you've enjoyed my Monday-Friday updates. I love observing what is going on and I hope you do too!