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Support the free GoNorth! education program and the Polar Huskies on the journey ahead - Make a $50 donation to adopt a Polar Husky! Donations are tax deductable.

adopt You will receive an official certificate of support for the Polar Husky you adopt in your name, and your name is added to the lit of sponsors by each Polar Husky on this page.

Below you can meet each Polar Husky in the kennel and see who has been adopted by other supporters of GoNorth! - and then use the form to go ahead and make your own adoption!

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Rubi »

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Sisu »

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Get on the wall of proud Polar Husky sponsors above and receive your own certificate to hang on your wall in the mail - follow these easy paw prints:

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Click the "Donate to Adopt" button below and fill in the online giving form to make your $50 donation to GoNorth! adventure learning! All donations are tax deductable.

We will email you that we received your request, send your official adoption certificate in the mail and add your name to the list of amazing people that support the Polar Huskies and our mission to offer free adventure learning around the world.