Be prepared and in the know!


Good logistics is probably the most important step in accomplishing your goals—or in running a successfull high-Arctic dogsled expedition. Be prepared and "in the know!"

From meeting the team (two- and four-legged) to getting the scoop on our oceans or finding your Study Resources... find it all in the Logistics section!

Sustainable Sable

Get tricks about sustainable living with Sable  "It's not easy being green," said Kermit the Frog... No worries, Sable,
  one of the most powerful persistent Polar Huskies ever, is here to
  help pull us through it! No, seriously, check out our Green A to Z

  for tips and tricks on some green (sustainable) living!

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Think Snow!

Explore snow and science about snow  So maybe you already know that no two snow flakes are alike (?),
  but do you know that it is one of the most important resources
  here on earth ? Explore snow, snow flakes and snow pack and be

  in the know when our team starts their data collection on the trail.

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Our Superstars

Meet our superstars the Polar Husky sled dogs  The mighty Polar Huskies pull the loaded sleds through
  some of the most remote regions on earth - and its them
  that excites learners around the world! Meet the true
  GoNorth! Super Stars in the kennel.

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icon  Small Footprint Living
  How do we live using just one earth! arrow

Maps and Route  Maps and Data
  Explore the Arctic with maps and data arrow

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  Support Adventure Learning arrow

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  What's the team doing in the field? arrow

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  The life of the Polar Huskies arrow

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Meet GoNorth! Cool Scientists  Wumpa World
  Play, and learn about the Arctic arrow