Week 14 Quyanaq! Spaciba!

Date: 5.24.2011
Location: 70º7'N 143º37'W Kaktovik, Alaska, USA
Weather Conditions: Sunny, 43ºF (6ºC)
The Polar Husky express has been cruising this week making it from Deadhorse by the Badami Oilfield and all the way the community of Kaktovik in absolute record time! The plan to run at night and taking full advantage of the 24-hour daylight paid off: We have had perfect conditions running on the sea ice as well as the tundra. It's been gorgeous watching the sun go up and down the sky, never dipping below the horizon but bathing us in all shades of pink, red and orange. Arctic fox, red fox (!?), ptarmigan, caribou, swans, cranes, geese, snowy owls, all sorts of gulls, and many many other birds have crossed our
path. Actually, at times the 'noise level' was as if we had entered a bird store!!
Migrating from every corner of the world, the birds are without a doubt taking over the tundra - and sea ice.That at the same time, it is no doubt time for us to migrate south again - calling it a season. While here in Kaktovik we have stayed with old friend: the wonderful Burns Family who welcomed us with the warmest of hugs and an open door to stay with them. However, Don quickly made it clear to us that he thought we should forget all thoughts of possibly

Yes, the Polar Huskies are simply amazing :) And so are you. The Polar Huskies are the Superstars as well as all of you out there exploring with adventure learning! You are explorers to be admired! A huge thank you to all of you who make GoNorth! a success.  A "Quyanaq!" or "Spaciba!" as the locals say here in Alaska and in Chukotka.  We hope you have enjoyed being part of the team on our journey, as much as we have been enjoying sharing the adventure from those on the trail to the magical moments you have all created in classrooms worldwide and online at PolarHusky.com. We are proud to be part of your team, and we can't wait to go exploring with you again next year on the GoNorth! Beringia 2012 adventure learning expedition!

But before we close up this adventure learning expedition and start thinking ahead to the next we have to pass out most heartfelt thank you! First to the local people throughout Beringia rom Chukotka to Alaska, for the hospitality and help we have been met with and truly enjoyed; Then we need to express our tremendous gratitude for the incredible support that has been extended towards us this year from our partners and other fantastic people with organizations that just chose to step up to our challenges and help out. “Last, the kindness and perseverance of those that believe in GoNorth! and our mission has a significance this year like no year before” says Mille – Quyanaq! Spaciba!

Make sure to join our last chat with Team GoNorth! live from Kaktovik on Wednesday, May 25th at 1 PM CT for some 'team chatting'!