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Movies of the Week ·· Mar 7, 2011

Joar and a team of Polar Huskies, heading for home after a training run… weeeeeeeeeee!

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  • Training!
    The two teams of Polar Huskies on a training run making way across the fields pulling 4-wheelers around Expedition Basecamp in Minnesota.
  • Sunny At Work
    Heading up the training of the Polar Huskies, Joar has done a phenomenal job training in new lead dogs – like Sunrise, here in action running lead with Tucker!
  • Road Running
    Around basecamp the Polar Huskies become quite the ‘road runners,’ but once we are in Beringia on the trail – whether in Alaska or Chukotka… …we will not be dealing with traffic as no two communities along our path will be connected by any paved roads!
  • Road Crossing
    Joar and gang masterfully cross through an intersection while out on a training run around Expedition Basecamp in Minnesota.
  • Home Run I.
    Joar and a team of Polar Huskies, heading for home after a training run… weeeeeeeeeee!
  • Home Run II.
    Tucker and Co. fired up on the homestretch, almost back at the kennel!
  • Bouncy! Happy!
    The teams are back at the kennel after a good training run—Qannaq and Joar have some bouncy fun :) A good musher is all about keeping the team happy and motivated!
  • Un-harnessing
    Ashley un-harnesses Tucker after a good days work!
  • Self-loader
    The ol’ veteran of the pack, Nazca does not ‘overnight’ at the training kennel but heads to the dogtruck with Joar to make her way back to stay at Mille’s for the night. Now she may be the oldest Polar Husky around....
  • Sounds of Russia
    It was Jim’s birthday on Tuesday and in spirit of now being hard at work getting ready for the race in Chukotka, Russia—we went to a local Russian restaurant for some Russian cuisine, and sounds of Russia!