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On the trail, the dogs conserve their energy and sleep. Even when we stop for lunch, the dogs will curl-up into a ball and take a nap.

In the summer (or the 'off' season) they become very relaxed in the warm weather. When the weather starts to turn cooler with the first signs of fall, they become very energetic and begin their training pulling a 4-wheeler.

What do the dogs do when they are not pulling the sled?

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It's a dangerous situation and one in which we never hope to find ourselves. We do our research before we set out on the ice, using maps, assessing currents, talking to Elders and hunters who know and understand the land and sea, and, of course, our common sense.

What do you do when the ice cracks and you're surrounded by water?

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We don't exactly get to wash our clothes that often. In order for us to wash anything out on the trail, we have to melt enough snow to add the soap and then enough water to rinse things thoroughly. It's simply too much work and consumes too much fuel. So we wear the same things everyday. Depending on how warm or cold it is, we may have as many as six or seven layers just on our upper-bodies. We layer numerous pairs of pants and shirts -- I don't know how many -- and each one of us has to fit all of our clothing into one duffel bag!

How many different pairs of socks, pants, shirts, and sweatshirts do you take with you? And how do you wash them?

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This is a great question too! When we fly, the Polar Huskies are always in crates. These crates are not-only secured to each other, but they are secured within the plane. This is for their safety and for the safety of the people on the plane (usually only us and pilots). The reason this is important is because if there turbulence, the dogs could be thrown around and get hurt. This is also important because the pilots cannot be worrying about where the dogs are during take-off, the flight, or landing.

Good Thunder loves to fly! If he could, he would most-certainly go up to the cockpit and try to help the pilots fly the plane....another good reason they are all in boxes.

Where do the dogs go when you take them on plane flights?

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This is a very good question!! We always, always, always stop for lunch. It is important that we keep eating to help maintain our weight and strength. When "nature calls," we stop. In the evening, or when we have reached what Paul has determined to be our location for the night, we stop and set-up camp.

That said, we can usually go an hour or two between stops. Depending on what kind of terrain we are traveling and what the conditions are, this could mean anywhere from 1 mile to 5/6 miles. If we're feeling good and staying warm, we can travel up to twenty miles in a day. If the wind is at our backs, maybe we can go a bit more. But when the headwind blows, the load is heavy and we're exhausted, we may only travel as few as five miles.

How far can you usually travel without a break?

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