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Just like house-dogs like to hunt or chase rabbits and squirrels, Polar Huskies also have an instinct to hunt. They enjoy chasing after Caribou. It is also this instinct that helps them to protect us from Polar Bears. Good Thunder is good at warning us about Polar Bears too. (that is as close as they ever get to hunting)

Do the dogs ever try to hunt?

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Typically the dogs do not sit or ride on the sled.

The exception is, if one of them gets hurt or isn't feeling well.

When this happens, we will put the dog on the sled to ride for a while until he or she is feeling better. At first, they don't like it because they have never done it before and they know their job is to be in front of the sled. After awhile they begin to enjoy it and they will even bark orders at the other dogs when Paul and Mille give directions.

Do the dogs ever get to sit on the sled? If so, how often?

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With the exception of Miki & Cinniman, we have had all of our dogs since birth. We are very close with them and they are very close with us. We consider them to be part of our family.

Much like you can tell when you brother or sister, mother or father are upset, sad, scared, or nervous...the Polar Huskies can tell when we are feeling those same emotions too. They have a great deal of trust in us and will follow our instructions and directions on which way to go.

If we become scared or nervous, we need to be very careful about how we let those feelings show...we could end up with 22 scared Polar Huskies and depending on the situation, that could make things worse.

As long as we're not scared... they're not scared.

At what times do the dogs get nervous or frightened?

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When we are back home at Expedition Basecamp, the Polar Huskies have the choice of sleeping under the stars or sleeping in their individual dog houses. While puppies, we work very hard at socializing them so that they are comfortable around and not afraid of people. To do this, they will sometimes go and live with a family for a few weeks to a few months. During this time, they usually live in the house just like any other house dog.

While out on the trail, the dogs sleep staked-out outside. They will curl-up in a ball and sleep the night away.

Do the dogs like to sleep outside? Did they ever sleep inside?

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