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Every week Team GoNorth! answers ten questions related to the module topic from student explorers -- so stay tuned and submit YOUR questions!

Our three favorites are: GORP (mix of chocolate chips, M&M's, nuts and raisins), dried apricots, and the Chocolate Brownie Clif Bar. Yuuummiii!


What's your favorite snack while you are traveling?

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To learn more about other cultures and people, it begins with meeting someone from a different culture and then being willing to ask questions. Sometimes the questions we ask may come across as silly, but that's how we learn from each other.

It is also helpful to read about what is happening in the world and in particular countries. Your newspaper is a good resource and, of course, don't forget about the library! Some schools and communities also participate in multi-cultural festivals to learn about foods, dances, and different people.

You can even learn some of the basics of a different culture without leaving your computer screen. You can find cultural events around the country, as well as cultural centers and language schools. And what about this idea: how about finding some easy recipes and making some food from a certain culture you are interested in? Or even making a new pen pal from a place you've always wanted to know about...

Besides travel, what can we do to learn to appreciate other cultures?

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The dogs are like family to us. They are our very best friends. We know them from the day they are born to the day they pass on, and we spend almost everyday of their lives with them. We go on our expeditions together, having incredible experiences with them that they make possible!

The Polar Huskies are all very unique with strong personalities. We all have dogs we really like to hang out with -or work with- for various reasons. But it tends to be that, as the dogs get older, they are the ones you are really close with since you have traveled with them for so many years, been to so many amazing places, they have saved your life, been your friend, and they are what makes all of this happen. They are simply just amazing animals for which we all have the greatest admiration.

Sometimes you appreciate the shy ones, and sometimes you just want to hear the howl of one of the crazy ones. When the terrain gets rough, you look to the strongest pullers, and when the route gets complicated, you turn to the leaders. Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses- just like people. So we can't really say which one is our favorite, because they all are. They are all important to the success of this expedition and to our survival on the trail. We love all of the Polar Huskies!

Who is your favorite sled dog?

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What a great question! Polar Huskies -just like people- come in all kinds of colors (with all kinds personalities, sizes, likes and dislikes...)!

After surveying Team GoNorth!, it seems that we all would like to be whatever color we were born with. After all, all of the Polar Huskies are important, and they are all different. But they still all try to get along with each other and to do their jobs as part of a team, despite their differences.

So whether it's fur we're talking about here or something else, we like the traits we are born with and try to use our strengths to make our world better!

If you were a Polar Husky, what color would you be?

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