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It varies quite a bit from year to year and region to region. We have traveled through snow that was so deep that the Polar Huskies would plow a trail through the snow that was waist-high for us 2-leggeds. And we have traveled ontop of ice with no snow on it.

How deep does the snow get when you travel?

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Chukotka is more than 5,000 miles (8,045 km) from Education Basecamp in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

To get there, Joar and Jim drove from Afton, Minnesota, where the Polar Huskies were training, about 3,400 miles (5,472 km) north to Anchorage, Alaska!

Once in Anchorage, the gear, food, dogs, and people were loaded on to a plane and fly to Nome, the western-most community in North America. In Nome, everything and everyone were loaded on to a small aircraft. The flight then goes 80 miles (129 km) across the Bering Strait to Provideniya.

How far is Chukotka from here?

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Currently Baffin in the largest dog in the kennel. Baffin is a gentle giant though and doesn't realize that he is the biggest.

We see you are at CRES in Crosby, MN. Be sure to ask Mr Sipper to tell you all about Baffin. Baffin lived with Mr Sipper for a few months in early 2005 while the team was on a training expedition in Canada.

Which dog is the biggest on the team?

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