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Having healthy teeth is one of the most important things to us as far as our health when we are on the expedition trail.

We have to eat a lot of calories every day to have enough energy for the days work, and for our bodies to produce body heat during the day and at night. If we have problems with our teeth, well one tends to become more hesitant about eating.. especially things such as frozen butter sticks, frozen chunks of cheese and frozen, well frozen almost everything!

So, we brush our teeth morning and night, while inside of the tent. We flush and then we spit out in the vestibule opposite of our main entrance (there is a vestibule on both ends of the tent).

When it is really cold the toothpaste will freeze, but we have learned over the years that some brands stay soft longer than others!

Where do you brush your teeth?

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We go to the bathroom outside! Nope, no building. We simply dig a hole in the snow or make some blocks out of the snow drifts and take care of business there. Much like the dogs really.

If it is cold out or not doesn't really matter, you just hurry up and get it done. The trick is when it is really windy because the snow will drift in your pants when you pull them down, and that is not a good thing because it means it will thaw when you get back in the tent making your clothing wet, and then you have to dry it out which is cumbersome in the tent. So, we try to be smart about it. Sit with the wind etc. It's a bit of a science :) and probably a bit intimidating at first, but it something that becomes second nature to you as you travel on expeditions.

And yes, we do use and very much appreciate our toilet paper... Check out the Outhouse page in Polar Husky A to Z to get to know more about this exciting topic!

Also where do you go to the bathroom? Do you guys have a building or something to go to the bathroom?

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We yell Woooaaaaaaaaaaaaa. We use our voices and commands to let the dogs know what we would like them to do. We may grab onto the front of the sled or run into the team if the dogs are not stopping and we need them to do so immediately. We do have brakes, this piece of metal with teeth, on the back of the sled - plus what is called a snow hook - but that really can not stop the sled. However, the dogs do know that when we use one of these two it s because we are asking them to stop.

How do you make the dogs stop?

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We need to fix it! We only have the gear that we have with us - but we have a large spare bags with sewing kits, tools and so on, so that we can fix whatever breaks. Sometimes we have to come up with some pretty different solutions to 'fix things' but it very important we always make repairs as soon as possible and not postpone it, because we can never know when we will really need what broke!

What do you do if your gear breaks?

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