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Yes! And we are going to miss them. But, the thing is, it seems like our friends and family are always with us in spirit and thought. Our families know that we do what we love, that this is who we are, and that it is our way of life. They give us tremendous support and love-which helps when it gets tough out there. We actually think it may be tougher on our families the months before we depart, because the "getting ready to go" pretty much consumes our lives...

Is your family going to miss you?

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Yes! Excellent question. That is an important part of the logistical planning.

If a Team Member -whether two- or four-legged- gets hurt or ill during the expedition, we are trained to deal with whatever is possible in the field. We have an extensive first aid kit- one for the Polar Huskies and one for the humans.

We also have both a veterinarian and a doctor on call while the expedition is on-going. So that as long as we can get connection with our satellite phone, we can call with any questions 24 hours a day all days of the week.

If either one of us or the dogs are hurt or sick, we will most likely take a rest day if possible. Otherwise, we may tie either down on the sled. Yes, that is indeed scary but sometimes necessary. If worse comes to worst, we will call for a rescue to transport the Team Member or Polar Husky out for care.

When you are planning the expedition, do you think about what you will do if someone or some dog on the trip gets sick?

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All of us at Team GoNorth! think it's very important to travel! Going to new places is unbelievably interesting, very rewarding, and creates memories that you will have for the rest of your life.

Seeing all kinds of new things, places, and people can also change your world. You might discover a new food you love, or learn about a place's history that is really fascinating to you. You might learn to see people who are different from you as people who would be really interesting to get to know, instead of avoiding them. So traveling makes you more open to trying new things, which makes you more tolerant! Neat!

You have traveled to many places. Do you think it is important to travel?

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Much like people, the weather does greatly affect the moods of the Polar Huskies.

For starters, they typically don't like rain. They also don't like it when it gets terribly hot. They tend to get tired and cranky when it is hot and humid.

They do love the cold weather. They know that snowfall means they will get to pull the sled much in the same way they know that a week-long drive in the dogtruck means we are going on a trip!

When we are out on the trail, they enjoy the cold temperatures of the Arctic. If there are storms the result in us needing to stay where we are for a day or two and not travel, they will just curl up in a ball and patiently wait it out.

Depending on the weather do the dogs' behavior change?

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