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Polar Huskies are all about power, not speed. Sometimes called the dump-trucks of the Arctic they have a steady unwavering pull no matter the load. All positions on the team are important as they are all necessary to function.

The lead is chosen based on respect from the rest of the team, an ability to sense the environment to help us steer the sled and intelligence to pick up on subtle clues like the scent of a polar bear or the feeling of thin ice. And with all that responsibility, the lead dog needs to be able to warn us and the whole pack while we are moving! Because the lead dog cannot just stop the team or send us a text message (poor reception on the trail) he or she will communicate with body language and barking.

The point, team and wheel positions are determined by personality, running style, and relationships with other dogs as well. Some assume it is always about size, but there are days you will find some of the smallest and largest dogs running together in the Wheel position directly in front of the sled!

How did you decide where the dogs are placed on the sled?

submitted by:
Brehndan and Nate and Will

We purchased our boots so we don't have a pattern for them.

We did a quick Google search though using the words "sled dog boot pattern", and found the following links that may be helpful for you:

Good luck and be sure to take pictures and post them in the zone for us to see! :)

Do you have a pattern for the dogs booties? My class would love to make some.

submitted by:
Cathy Cureton

Great Question!!

Here is a glimpse of just some of things we bring with us on every trip:

sleds w. main lines
dog harnesses
dry dog food
meat (for dogs)
lard (for dogs)
50 ft stake out chains
dog bowls
Hilleberg tunnel tents
bivy bags w. sleeping bags systems .
crazy creek chairs
pairs of skiis
sets of ski poles
pairs of snow poles
shot gun w. cracker / flair shells
lunch bags: thermoses, nalgene bottles, utensils kit
Stove box: pot, pan, fuel bottles, kit, Coleman 2 burner stove, lantern
toilet paper !! :)
First Aid Bag: human and dog
Spare bag: incl. sled repair kit, vet kit, ski kit, human kit, dog kit, sewing kit, gun kit, stove kit, tent kit, gun kit extra lines, rope, bungees etc.

video camera
digital camera
solar panel
expedition-grab-it batteries
satellite communication system

GPS bag: binoculars, 2 x GBS, ELT (emergency location transmitter), hand warmers, maps
ice ax
ice screws

What are the major things you bring on a trip?

submitted by:
Korbyn, Heather, Collen, Abby, Jami and Abbie