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The way we get them ready is that we start training them running in front of and pulling a loaded 4-wheeler (ATV machine) in the Fall - We start out with a few miles a day and we slowly work it up to more miles and longer days. Right now they have been training at 15-18 miles a day or 5-6 hours!

How do you get all the dogs ready?

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Right this moment -when we are answering these questions, not when you are reading this- :-) we are hard at work at Expedition Basecamp working on the gear that we will be taking with to Beringia.

What exactly are you doing at the moment?

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It is very exciting! The tasks can be tedious and particular, and frankly if its a cold and windy day where we have been on the move for 10 hours and feel exhausted yet have to for example dig a snow pit, then its a chore. But, when for even a split second we think about the bigger picture - that we are fortunate to be part of important work and exciting research not only for the involved scientists but for our community at large, then its frankly exhilarating! It gives what we do a purpose that is even a bit humbling. A favorite part to all of us is that we can be even a little part of connecting science, learners of all ages and the local people wherever we travel, as we get to involve locals in our field collecting when we share it with them as we come through communities along the route!

Do you enjoy collecting field data?

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