Stev Weidlich, AECOM




Stev is a cultural anthropologist and environmental analyst at AECOM, a private environmental consulting company in San Diego.

Stev grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and initially intended to pursue a career in acting. After high school, Stev attended an acting conservatory program at DePaul University before ultimately making the switch from the theatre to anthropology. He attended graduate school at Florida State University in cultural anthropology, concentrating in visual methodologies, ethnographic filmmaking, and applied research.

Before Stev joined his current company, he interned with National Park Service as an archaeologist and worked as an archaeological field technician for a cultural resource management company in Chicago. He also worked for Chicago’s Field Museum as a visiting scholar in its Asian studies department, designing an online exhibit on Ainu history and material culture. In graduate school, Stev transitioned from archaeology to cultural anthropology, studying the issues surrounding the continuation of traditional subsistence practices in the face of encroaching government/private development faced by a First Nation community in northern Canada. As part of his research, Stev filmed, edited, and produced an ethnographic film documenting these issues.

Since joining AECOM in 2006, Stev has studied the social and cultural impacts associated with development, focusing on the changes faced by indigenous populations and historically underserved communities. He has conducted studies throughout the U.S. southwest with various Native American tribes, as well as in Alaska with Aleut and Inupiaq peoples on issues including fisheries management, oil and gas development, and subsistence whaling practices.

Stev shares his new home with his wife, Lauren, and their two pets: Kismet the cat, and Zooey the dog (a papillon – not a husky).