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Congratulations!! to Team GoNorth! on a successful Arctic adventure learning expedition. Arriving in Kaktovik on May 19, GoNorth! Beringia 2011 comes to an end for our team and Polar Huskies. The entire team extends the deepest gratitude to the people of Chukotka and Beringia  and, 'thank you' to all of YOU for your participation in the program.

Enjoy the last week 14 trail update and scrapbook items and be sure to join the final week 14 Team Chat LIVE from Kaktovik on Wednesday, May 25 at 1:00 PM Central  Time.

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How do the ocean and the
climate affect one another?

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Wk 14 Trail Report 2011

Quyanaq! Spaciba!

"The Polar Husky express has been cruising this week making it from Deadhorse by the Badami Oilfield and all the way the community of Kaktovik in absolute record time! The plan to run at night and taking full advantage of the 24-hour daylight paid off: We have had perfect conditions running on the sea ice as well as the tundra. It's been gorgeous watching the sun go up and down the sky, never dipping below the horizon but bathing us in all shades of pink, red and orange. Arctic fox, red fox (!?), ptarmigan, caribou..."

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